There are billions of blogs on the internet, and unfortunately the blogosphere is filled with a lot of guff. At least 90% of it in fact!

And that, my friends, is down to some of the writers that create it. In every industry there are cowboys – people that set up shop with little to no knowledge of the services they’re selling.

In the world of copywriters and content marketers, it’s no different! And it’s made a whole lot worse by online places like Upwork where jobs are often given to the lowest bidder.

This can end in bidding wars where novice writers come in with their rock bottom prices to win more jobs. But there are so many things wrong with this system.

  1. It sets a worldwide expectation in businesses that writers aren’t worth much more than a few pounds an hour.
  2. It means quality writers who have the experience and qualifications to deliver on their promises are left outbid by low rung writers.
  3. It leaves businesses left thinking copywriting and content marketing just doesn’t work.
  4. It litters more sub-par content across the web making it more difficult for quality content to be seen.

I don’t say this with bitterness in my mouth, I say it with deep concern for the industry and the businesses that are taken in by it.


Businesses often think they’re saving money by hiring a cheaper writer. But that sometimes means they can end up paying twice trying to fix the problems the first writer created.


They’re left disappointed, out of pocket and with a lingering taste of mistrust.

The problem comes in trying to communicate the real value of a good content specialist in the first place. Someone that not only knows how to spin a great line, but knows how to attract the right people, hold their attention for longer than 30 seconds and convert the reader into a raving fan.

Having someone on your side with that kind of skill is pure gold.

Because if you’re paying a writer £10 per blog post, you’ll need to seriously lower your expectations. And if you get your brand voice wrong, this could do absolutely nothing for your business, or it could even alienate the very people you’re trying to attract. It’s an important decision to make!

Which is why you should always think long and hard before hiring anyone for your business. They need to be a solid fit, and you need to know they’ll deliver what they say they will.

And that’s why my business values lead with honesty and integrity. I have a Journalism degree under my belt, a content marketing background of 7 years and a thriving dog blog of my own. All of which means I have the skills, experience and understanding to push my clients to the top.

I use the same strategies for my clients’ businesses that I’ve used to grow my own dog blog from zero to 6,000 sessions a month. And they’re all found in my done-for-you blogging strategy.

Paying for quality means you get the results you crave. What’s that old saying… You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

Don’t get suckered in, you deserve more than that.

Why you should think twice before hiring a blog writer


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