OK, hate is a strong word. But what if creating content just isn’t your thing? What options do you actually have?

The way I see it, you have 3 options:
1. You can give up and stop creating content altogether.
2. You can suck it up and keep struggling to write even when time is against you and it pains you to do so.
3. Or, you can hire a professional writer to stand by your side and do it all for you.


So, what would happen if you stopped creating blog content?

Well, you’ll lose a big part of your content marketing puzzle. You’ll stop your search engine optimisation efforts in its tracks. Google favours websites that produce quality content consistently, so you may get left behind in the rankings.

You’ll lose a solid way to connect and provide value to your audience every week – which is a great way to build relationships and trust.

And you’ll lose one of the most effective ways to drive consistent traffic and sales.


But what would happen if you powered through even though you hate it?

When we dislike doing something, it’s never our best work. It can be difficult to let the passion and energy shine through our words. And do you know what, readers can sense it. Unfortunately, dull copy doesn’t sell.

Your tone of voice could be off point or you might skim over facts and details. And in the online world where at least 90% of content is total naff, providing exceptional value is what’s needed to build an audience.

By powering through even though you hate it, you’re unnecessarily taking enjoyment out of your life. You no doubt have very little time already, which should be spent on the tasks in your business that light you up! That’s the reason you started your business in the first place, right?


So, what would happen if you hired a professional writer to do it all for you?

Well, you’d have more time to do what you love. You can work on other areas of your business that you enjoy, spend time with your family or take more holidays throughout the year.

You’ll feel more in control of your to do list and your business.

Your content strategy will have unwavering focus and consistency, allowing you to build your following on autopilot.

You’ll feel a sense of relief as the responsibility of keeping on top of everything is lifted off your shoulders.

You’ll have someone on your side that knows how to engage an audience through content, while significantly increasing your traffic and sales.

You’ll have a fool-proof way to keep driving readers back to your site. Meaning you’ll retain more customers and ultimately increase your revenue.

This is the power of a great blogging strategy, and that’s what it can do for your pet business.

And I’d love to help you turn things around so you can start seeing real results that have an impact on your bottom line.

That’s why I’ve put together my 3 Punch Traffic Boost Packs for pet businesses. It’s the done-for-you blogging strategy that banishes the content marketing overwhelm while ramping up your efforts and results, without you having to lift a finger.

If you feel this is exactly what you need in your life, I’d love to invite you on a quick 15 minute discovery call.

Follow my Calendly link and let’s set something up!

3 things you can do when you hate blogging for your business


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