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Explode Your Traffic And Sales With My Unique Online Marketing Formula

Do you find creating and promoting your blog content is a massive chore? Are you already drowning in your to do list with no time to blog for your pet business?

I speak to many pet business owners who are desperate to increase their traffic, engagement and sales, but feel totally overwhelmed. They understand the huge impact a great blogging strategy can have on their business, but they’re stuck.

They have no time.

They have no focus and haven’t a scooby doo what to write about.

They may grab a quick hour or two to write at the end of the day, when all they want to do is relax and spend time with their family. Their mind boggles. It’s exhausting!

If this sounds like your typical day, I’d love to introduce you to my 3 Punch Traffic Boost packs.

The packages focus on the 3 most important elements for a successful pet business blogging strategy. So you can do away with the content marketing overwhelm, start driving traffic to your site, build better relationships and close more sales on autopilot.

Blog post Creation 

Quality articles your audience will love, all mapped out each month in my Content Calendar Roadmap.

On-page SEO

Done-for-you keyword research that will inspire article ideas and drive organic traffic to your site.   

Pinterest management

My fool-proof strategy that attracts readers from the most impactful social site for pet businesses. 

Making a blog a key part of your website gives you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly in search engines and leads to 55% more website visitors.


Why 60% of businesses make blogging a top marketing priority

Having a killer blogging strategy is THE best way to create meaningful relationships with your customers. Blogging will help you grow your brand online, establish trust and credibility with your people, while driving more visitors and sales.

Why Choose My Traffic Boost Packs 

  • 1
    Grow your traffic, leads and sales  on a consistent basis, like clockwork.
  • 2
    Save hours of valuable time, leaving you to focus on the things you love doing in life.
  • 3
    Feel the weight lifted knowing your blogging strategy is taken care of and consistently delivers the results you need for your pet business.
  • 4
    Feel that glowing sense of achievement as you grow a tribe of raving pet owners that keep coming back for more.
  • 5
    Spend less money on paid advertising as you power-up your social and organic traffic.
  • 6
    Attract more relevant visitors who are more likely to buy your products or services.
  • 7
    Focus on the business tasks you do well and enjoy doing.
  • 8
    Boost your sales and hit those financial goals.

Inside my done-for-you blogging strategy are the same strategies I've used to grow my own dog blog from zero to 6,000 sessions a month.
These methods grew my traffic by 1,258% in one month.

But who am I to make all these claims? Well if you've just found me online, here's why I'm qualified to help you get the results you crave for your business...

I have a Journalism degree, a marketing background and a thriving dog blog of my own. All of which means I understand (to my very core!) how to write copy that resonates with your audience and how to get as many eyeballs on your content. 

I've worked with hundreds of businesses across many different industries over the last 7 years, to help them supercharge their content marketing, grow their traffic and increase sales. 

Creativity flows through me. I'm forever coming up with new ideas, strategies and content that create impact and stand above the noise.

Which means you have someone on your side that knows blogging and content strategy inside out and can help you push your business forwards. Someone who can help you create the thriving business you’ve always dreamed of and create the success you deserve.

What My Clients Say

Working with Karly has been amazing from the start. She is really helpful, always friendly and she is an amazing copywriter. 

Her blog posts never need many changes because she’s been fantastic at understanding our brand from day 1.

Since she started writing our blog posts, our monthly blog visitors has increased by 67%! 

She also set up our Pinterest account which helps drive traffic to the blog. Karly manages this by herself and refreshes the account regularly with new content.

She’s been brilliant at tweaking and testing our strategy so we can learn and continue to improve our results on the platform. For example, working with videos instead of static images only. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karly’s services to other pet businesses!

Sophie Van Der Veken - Tails.com

Karly has been writing regular blog posts for us for around a year now. I'm very busy running and growing my business, so time is short. Karly and I agree on the blog topics we'd like to cover each month and a deadline. She delivers, every time.


Her blog posts are excellent, they never need corrections and are perfect for our pet loving audience. The blog posts have also been fantastic for driving more traffic to our website.

I've been so impressed that Karly is now helping us with other aspects of social media. I'd recommend Karly to any pet business owner looking to get the most from their blogging strategy. 

Kay Johnson - Heathful Pets

What Happens Next?

If you're ready to take your content marketing to the next level and start seeing the results you crave for your pet business, simply choose a package below. If you're not quite ready or you'd rather a custom package, I'm here to listen. Just call or email me using the information at the bottom of the page. 

After you've signed up for a monthly package, I'll be in touch within 24 hours to chat about you and your business. I'll walk you through how my system works and let you know what the next steps are. 

From there, we'll map out your content calendar for the next month, optimise your Pinterest profile and get you set up on the (Oh-so-incredible!) scheduling app, Tailwind.

And that's where the magic really begins.

A quick run-down of how the system works each month 

  • Every blog post topic and date for publishing will be visible in your customised content calendar 
  • Each blog post will be optimised for the search engines. Popular keywords will drive every piece of content we create to boost your rankings.
  • I'll design a pin for each blog post we create and schedule them in Tailwind.
  • I'll fill your posting schedule with 30-50 pins a day with a combination of your pins and other people's. This is the best way to get your brand noticed by others, grow your followers and stay consistent on the platform. 
  • We'll follow a group board strategy to ensure your pins are seen by as many people as possible. I'll reach out to group board owners and ask to be added as a contributor on your behalf. 

Ready to see your pet business soar? Sign up for a package below, or if you need more info, let's chat!

Traffic Boost Pack Prices

Taster Pack 

£330 / month

  • 2x 500 word posts a month

  • If you're not ready to invest in the Mini Pack or the Standard Pack, this is for you if you'd rather dip your toe in first.


Mini Pack 

£970 / month

  • 4x 500 word posts a month
  • 4 pin designs
  • On-page SEO
  • Pinterest setup/optimisation
  • Tailwind setup
  • Joining group boards
  • Scheduling 30-50 pins a day
  • My content calendar roadmap
Standard Pack 

£1570 / month

  • 8x 500 word posts a month
  • 8 pin designs
  • On-page SEO
  • Pinterest setup/optimisation
  • Tailwind setup
  • Joining group boards
  • Scheduling 30-50 pins a day
  • My content calendar roadmap


Extra Promotion

Get bonus promotion through my own thriving dog blog. Every blog post pin will be promoted to my 200k+ Pinterest audience to give you more exposure.

3 Month Review

You'll get a 3 month overview of the results achieved so far. I'll reveal areas for improvement so we can adapt and achieve even better results the following quarter.  

Unlimited email support

I'm always here when you need me. If you have a question or need support at any point during the week, I'll be there for you. 


  • Can I call you to chat about this? 
    Of course you can! Call the number at the bottom of the page and I'll talk you through anything you need to know.
  • Can I customise my package? 
    I recommend the Mini and Standard Pack because they're winning formulas and I know they work. But if you really want something a little different, let's chat about it. Call or send me an email with your preferences.
  • How will payment work? 
    When you choose a package and go through the payment process, you're set up on an automatic billing system every month. You'll be charged the same amount, at the same time every month so you always know where you are.
  • Can I cancel the relationship at any time?
    If you'd like to end our relationship at any time, I require one month's notice.  
  • Can you guarantee I'll see results? 
    If you stick with me and let me hold your hand through this, I can guarantee you will see results. My Mini and Standard Packs have been designed to leverage the most impactful search engines available - Google and Pinterest. These are proven strategies I've used for my own blog and my clients' businesses - it's guaranteed to drive traffic and sales. 
  • Disclaimer - This guarantee applies to the 'Mini Pack' and 'Standard Pack' only.
  • When can I expect to see results?
    With my fool-proof Pinterest strategy, you can expect to see a boost to your traffic within a month or so. However, leveraging organic traffic from Google is a slow burner. You can expect to see results within 6-9 months.
    Disclaimer - This applies to the 'Mini Pack' and 'Standard Pack' only.
  • Which package do you recommend? 
    As a starting point, I recommend the Mini Pack. It has everything you need to show up consistently and start driving steady traffic to your site. Then if you want to ramp things up at a later stage, we can talk about upgrading you to another package.

Mini Traffic Boost Pack - £970/month

Get my done-for-you blogging strategy, with search-engine-optimised articles every month and my fool-proof Pinterest strategy

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