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Learn how to grow an email list of loyal subscribers 

and ready-to-buy pet parents

" Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches - at scale."

- David Newman

Which camp are you in...? 

You don't have an email list. You may or may not know why you should have one, and you don't know where to start... 

Or, you have a list, but it's growing at a snail's pace and you don't know where you're going wrong...

 EVERY business should have an email list. And they should consistently make efforts to grow that email list. 

It's a brilliant way to grow your fanbase, engage your people and convert them into sales. 

Because with 59% of marketers saying email is their biggest source of ROI, you can't afford to ignore it any longer. 

Especially in the testing situation we've all found ourselves in. With many of us facing more lockdowns all over the world, having an email list can give you some security. 

You can rest a little easier knowing that when you need to fill those spots, you can. With just a couple of emails to your engaged email list you could get yourself booked up and back on track. 

That's the power of email marketing. And that's what I'll be teaching in my latest free online training.

And we'll be diving into the good stuff, with golden nuggets like these:

  • The biggest mistake people make when trying to grow their list
  • What you need to entice subscribers onto your list 
  • How to leverage the power of automation 
  • How to nurture your subscribers into raving fans 
  •  How to go from zero to 50 subscribers in 10 days

And so much more! Yep, this is going to be juicy, my friend. I’m a classic over giver. I can’t help it! Which means you’ll come away with lots of actions you can implement right away, giving you the confidence to start growing your list.

Email Marketing Simplified will be held on December 1st at 7pm UK time.

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