(Get more engagement, leads and pet loving customers from Facebook)

Learn the 11 essential elements of an engagement-boosting, audience-building, customer-attracting Facebook strategy, without spending all your precious time on content creation and social media

One of the best ways to get out of overwhelm is to have a plan, a strategy.

Because let's face it, social media IS overwhelming.

There are so many marketing gurus out there, so many articles, trainings and videos telling you their way is THE WAY to crack the social media code.

You end up going head first down a rabbit hole, but it's suffocating.

You follow the ground-breaking tactics you were promised, but still nothing. You're stuck with the same small audience, with no leads and no sales.

I hear this same story from my clients on every strategy call. And once upon a time I was in that boat too.

Instead of this being your reality, how about a better way?

Would you like to learn how to create your very own Facebook marketing strategy? One that not only delivers the goods, but doesn't require you to spend all your waking hours on marketing...

This 1 hour masterclass is for you if:

  • Marketing your pet business overwhelms you
  • You're struggling along with no real Facebook plan
  • You're struggling to build your audience
  • You're struggling to attract leads and sales 
  • You're doing ALL OF THINGS with nothing to show for it

In just 60 minutes you'll learn all about:

  • Setting tangible goals for Facebook and why it's important
  • How to identify your ideal client, positioning and messaging
  • How to optimise the customer journey
  • Tools and processes to save you a truck load of time
  • Simple, consistent activities you need to adopt 

And much more!  

But not just that, you'll also get a handy workbook alongside the training to help you pull together your own winning Facebook marketing strategy. 

And it's all yours to watch and start implementing for free today. 

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