get Booked solid with pet clients 

(Without the tech overwhelm or spending all hours on marketing)

Join this FREE On-Demand Masterclass: An online marketing strategy designed for pet professionals.

Are you a pet professional with big dreams for your business?

Is your marketing more chaos than smooth sailing?

If you feel lost not knowing how to get your business out there, I want you to know you're not alone. I speak with so many pet professionals that feel the same way!

But to attract pet parents consistently, you need to know how to promote yourself online. And in a way that gets results.

Because HOW you market your business is the difference between living the life you've always wanted, or being stuck in overwhelm riding that income roller coaster. 

So if you're feeling deflated and frustrated with your current enquiries; you have almost zero messages from pet parents in your inbox and you're not getting the bookings you'd hope for, there is a better way. 

In this free on-demand masterclass you'll learn a fool-proof marketing strategy that will get you booked solid with pet clients for your dog walking, dog training or pet sitting business in no time. 

There'll be no more overwhelm, no more confusion, just a simple 4 step system that makes marketing fun and easy, without you having to spend all hours at your computer screen.

I've created successful marketing strategies for businesses for over 7 years. But not just that, I'm a marketing specialist with a deep understanding of the pet industry and the customers they serve. I even run a dog blog that attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors every month.

And now I'm sharing all the tips and tricks up my sleeve to help pet professionals grow their businesses and fulfil their dreams. Because that's my mission. It's my purpose. 

And the best part, it'll only take an hour of your time. You could even listen in on your phone while you're out with the dogs or between clients. So what are you waiting for? Pop in your details below to join the fun!

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Masterclass Host:

Karly Edwards

Pet industry Content and Social Media Consultant

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