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You missed out!

Hey gorgeous pet business owner!

Is it time to introduce more peace into your life and business?

You already have so much going on...

The day to day running of your business. Family life. Trying to carve out time for your own self-care.

You constantly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You might already be at capacity, and you don’t know how much longer you can carry on like this.

You’re exhausted and close to burnout. You know something’s got to change.

You’ve realised your business isn't sustainable, and you’ve found yourself asking, ‘where do I go from here?’

You don’t want to face another day of endless discovery calls, appointments, tasks, and squeezing in time to manage your home life.

You dream of being more present. To have more joy, freedom and space in your life.

I totally get that. This used to be me too.

But all is not lost, my friend.

What you'll get out of the masterclass:

On this free masterclass you’ll get my step by step blueprint to creating and selling out your online course or membership. That will empower you to stop trading your precious time for money.

You’ll learn how to release the daily busyness and anxiety around always having so much to do. Because by introducing passive income into your business, you can easily cut your hours in half!

You’ll bask in more money coming in, the pride of making a bigger impact, and the space and freedom to live life to its fullest.

Be able to take more time off, book more holidays, get back into that hobby, or just be, and know an abundance of money still flows into your bank account.

That’s the reality when you embrace passive income.

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During the masterclass you’ll learn how to add a whole new revenue stream into your business that’s infinitely scaleable. So you can unlock limitless income, impact and freedom in your life.

If you’re ready to reduce or finally cut cords with those time-sucking meet and greets, or discovery call after discovery call, and instead, enjoy the sweet bliss of daily pings in your inbox from people that have automatically bought from you, then join us for my latest epic masterclass.

We start on October 24th at 2pm UK time. 

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Who is Karly Edwards?

Karly Edwards is the go-to Marketing & Productivity Coach for pet business owners that want to create more freedom, impact and income in their lives. 

She helps pet business owners drop the business overwhelm and the daily busyness, so they can save time, make more money, and be seen as THE pet expert in their industry. 

Her courses, memberships and programs have helped hundreds of pet business owners all over the world. And she's made thousands upon thousands from passive income of the last 3 years.

She's animal loopy and dog mum to a sassy miniature schnauzer called Loki. She's also a craft loving, gardening passionate, super introvert whose built a successful business from the ground up.

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