Social media calendar
for pet professionals

A social media calendar, designed for pet professionals

Do you often feel overwhelmed by social media marketing? 

You know you need to get yourself out there, but you have no idea what to post...

Your audience rarely engages with you. You're left scratching your head wondering what you're doing wrong. 

You just want people to engage. 

To leave a comment, to like your posts. And most importantly, to buy from you. 

It's tough when you post on the fly. Everyday you stop what you're doing and rack your brains for a post idea. 

But then panic sets in and you either post any old nonsense, or worse still, nothing at all. 

That, my friend, is not a sustainable strategy. 

Which is why I've created a social media calendar, with ideas for 365 days of the year for pet professionals.


Inside the range of posts cover the four essential types of content you need to build a raving following: 

Educational content 

Informative content 

Entertaining content 

Inspiring content

With the social media calendar you'll have your entire year mapped out so you're never left feeling the social media fluster again. 

Who said social media marketing had to be complicated!

What people say about the calendar


This is one of the most useful things I've ever bought! Thank you.


Nathan Leighton

Nathan the Dog Trainer 


Social Media is daunting for many of us and often harder than the job which we know and have experience!! This calendar will be great to help hold our hands! Really appreciate your help, thanks again!


Jan Rawlings

Best Buddies Dog Training & Behaviour


I’ve got scheduled posts for the next week already! I know we have to think of the content but having a guide of what to write about / post about is invaluable. So far it has definitely taken the pain out of posting!!


Vicki Main

Love Your Paws 

Sneak peek of what's inside!

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