You're just 2 clicks away from creating and selling your very first passive income offer so you can have the income, impact and freedom you desire.

Are you a pet business owner that’s tired of trading your time for money?

Perhaps right now you’re at capacity and confused about how you can earn more without working longer hours.

You’re already exhausted. You know that working harder would totally finish you off!

When you started your business, a fire burned in your belly for the work you do.

But as the months or years have gone on, and the responsibility and fatigue has started weighing you down, you’re left wondering if this really is the dream you wanted for your life.

The long days working with clients and their pets.

The effort you put in for little financial reward.

The boundaries being pushed by demanding and needy customers.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’re feeling worn down and a little resentful.

I hear you. That used to be my reality too.

You know there's still a spark inside you. All it needs is a breath of new life to turn things around.

Right now, you’re ready for so much more.

MORE MONEY so you can live the lifestyle you want.

So you can buy that new car you’ve been eyeing up for too long.

You can take that holiday in the sun that’s been calling you for months now.

You can pay your mortgage and bills and know you have plenty left over to let loose and have fun!

MORE FREEDOM so you can switch off your brain when you need to.

So you can chill in bed with a book all day.

Take the dogs on an adventure from sun up to sun down.

So you can revisit that hobby you love so much that’s been pushed aside because you’re always too busy.

MORE IMPACT so you become the go-to pet professional in your field.

So you can serve hundreds, if not thousands more pet parents that need you.

So you can become a household name for the amazing work you provide.

So you can create a wave of change in an industry that so desperately needs it.

How would it feel to receive pings in your inbox like magic from pet parents that have just bought from you, again and again? While you’re out living that life I’ve painted for you up there. ☝️

I just wanted to share a massive win! After my 5 day challenge last week, I had 18 people sign up to my membership! All the hard work was worth it!

Rachel Woollven, Canine Connection

I made a thing! I actually got something out of my head and onto ‘paper’. I was totally in flow on Wednesday and created 30 slides, a flow and the lessons for my first module!

Claire Ashcroft, Calm Dog Coaching

Introducing Ticket To Freedom

(More affectionately known as TTF)

The go-to passive income course for pet business owners that want to have the security of an infinitely scalable, recurring revenue stream in their business.

Where the sky’s the limit on the amount of money and freedom you can have in your life.

Where you say goodbye to those long hours and only ever having just enough to make ends meet.

This is the course that takes you step-by-step through creating and selling your passive income offer.

Whether that’s an online course, membership, online group programme or digital resource.

You’ll be taken by the hand from hazy idea and building out your training material, to growing a ready-to-buy audience and selling out your brand new offer.

How Ticket To Freedom can help you: 

Earn extra income on the side, or make passive income your primary business model and scale beyond your wildest dreams.

Start living the freedom lifestyle you’ve been craving. Step into ease and flow. Choose to work whenever and wherever you want.

Help many more pet parents than you ever thought possible. Spread your impact far further in this world. It’s time to think bigger!

By the end of this course you’ll finally take control of your time and money, and run your business on your terms. ✨

The I.M.P.A.C.T System is your A to B blueprint to create and sell your passive income offer


Where we carefully identify and map out your brilliant passive income idea. Here we uncover exactly which format you'll choose, what you'll name it, and all the features you'll include in it to make your offer truly irresistible to your ideal people.


Where we dig deep into HOW to create your passive income offer. You'll learn step-by-step the tech and platforms you'll need to bring your idea to life. Whether you choose an online course, membership or digital resource. 


The messaging you create around your offer is essential. This is what will do the heavy lifting to sell your offer for you. Here you'll learn the blueprint to creating a high-converting sales page that sells your passive offer like freshly baked dog treats!


Without an audience, you won't make sales. Here we'll double down on growing your subscriber list of ready-to-buy pet parents. So when the time comes to launch your offer, you have people eager and ready to jump straight in.


Here you'll learn about the power of launches and the different types you can implement to sell your passive offer. You'll plan out your very own super star launch to bring a tidal wave of new people into your offer.


In the last module you'll learn about evergreen marketing to bring in a trickle of sales for your offer every day. You'll learn all about automating your marketing with funnels so you can make more money effortlessly.



Zero guesswork! Get 5 hours of one on one coaching with Karly

On top of the course itself, you’ll also get a bonus coaching session with Karly on her Voxer Office Hours. This allows you to get one on one expert advice to help you refine your offer and marketing so you have the best chance of success!

Don't worry if you don't know what Voxer is, it works exactly like Whatsapp. We'll send voice and text messages at a slow but steady pace throughout the day so you get the invaluable coaching you need to move forward in the right direction. 

These are available within the first 2 months upon signing up, and run from 11am – 4pm on a day of your choice.

Value - £327


Exclusive client only support group

In late 2023, we'll be launching a brand new support group exclusively for our paying clients. Where you'll be invited to benefit from being surrounded by a community of go-getting pet pros, get closer support from Karly, and a few client-only perks along the way!

Invites will be sent out in November this year. 

Value - Priceless!

New to Karly?

Here’s why we’re qualified to help you create the heady heights of passive income magic you’re looking for…

I’m not just someone that created an online course once and is now playing my chances at selling this one to you.

I’ve successfully created and sold many courses, programmes, memberships and digital resources over the last 5 years. And I’ve been operating in business for the last 10.

I’ve made thousands upon thousands in Great British Pounds from passive income. And 95% of my total business revenue comes from passive and semi passive income sources.

I live and breathe the online world. I truly love what I do and my mission is to help other pet business owners achieve the same level of money and freedom I have.

Because I know just how life changing this work is.

And I’m not just any old coach, I’m a specialist pet business coach.

So you can guarantee that everything I teach applies directly to you, your business and your industry.

Not sure if Ticket To Freedom is right for you?

This course isn't for everyone, and I'd hate to waste your time if this isn't the right fit for you. So let's clear that up here and now...


  • Dog trainers, dog behaviourists, dog walkers, pet sitters, dog groomers and vet physiotherapists that want to stop trading their time for money and start living an easier, more profitable lifestyle
  • Pet pros that are exhausted or in burn out and want a way to earn extra income on the side without working more hours
  • Or, ambitious pet pros that are ready to shake shit up and go all in on passive income. So their time isn't controlled by one appointment after the next, and they can make wild revenue figures, all from online.
  • Pet pros that are ready for the next level in wealth, impact and freedom. Those with big, bold dreams that have a belief that anything is possible. Because it is! 
  • Action takers that are willing to put the time and effort into learning and implementing the training and advice. I provide the knowledge you need, but you still need to do the work! 


  • Anyone without a pet business. If you don't own or run a pet business, this is not for you. 
  • People expecting everything to click into place in an instant. It takes some time and commitment to put the strategies I teach into practice and reap the rewards
  • People that live in a victim mentality. They take no personal responsibility and think everything is happening to them. They make excuse after excuse for not doing the work. 
  • People that won't listen to advice. If you're unwilling to learn a relatively new and exciting way to make money in your business that will take some time to set up initially, this is not for you. 
  • People expecting guaranteed results. I know what I teach works because I'm doing it myself, and my clients have seen results too. But I can't guarantee specific results from following my advice. In fact, no one can promise that!

Important note: We only support ethical pet businesses. This is for those that advocate force-free, non-aversive practices towards animals. We won't play a part in growing businesses that promote wrong or harmful messages in the pet industry.

A snapshot of what you get when you sign up for Ticket To Freedom:

  • SIX MODULE COURSE: Each module contains bite-sized lessons outlining each stage of the I.M.P.A.C.T System. This includes video trainings, worksheets, swipe files and templates. Nothing is left to chance, everything is laid out for you to take you from no passive income offer, to creating and selling it with ease. 
  • VOXER OFFICE HOURS: At any point over the next 2 months you can book in for a 5 hour coaching session with Karly. You're free to take your coaching session at any point 2 months after you sign up. We'll fine tune your offer and your marketing strategy so you have the confidence that what you're sharing with the world will be a big hit! 
  • CLIENT ONLY SUPPORT GROUP: In late 2023 I'll be launching my brand new client only support group on Facebook. When you sign up to TTF, you'll get first dibs on joining the group to get extra support from me. 

An update on my membership - I had 16 people join in the end which I was pleased with as a first soft launch.

Clare Louise Larkin, Spaniel Speak 

I have learned volumes from Karly. She’s well versed across the board and ever so kind! 5 stars all the way. I personally would follow you off a cliff! You are a warm, informed, and generous teacher. It's off the charts what you do for us all.

Julie Kay Locke, New Vistas Canine

money back


7 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 7 Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If for any reason you don't find value in the course, and you can show us you've watched and implemented the first module, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us at hello@karlyedwards.com and we'll take it from there.


If you're ready to finally start making money passively, step into more time freedom and live the lifestyle you want, choose your payment option below.


Instant access to the course and bonus coaching session.




All the benefits of the pay in full plan. Spread the cost over 3 months. Total amount repayable is £1098.


x 3 payments


Have a question? Your answer may be below. But if not, hit the chat button or email me on hello@karlyedwards.com

  • I have so many other commitments, what if I don't have time for this COURSE?
    You could easily work through all the material in a day or two. Some do, while others like to go at a much slower pace. You get lifetime access to the trainings and 2 months to take your bonus coaching session. So there’s plenty of time to fit in your learning around other commitments. Plus, you can watch the trainings from your mobile while your busy around the house or in between clients. 
  • I'm worried this won't work for me?
    I'm living proof that what I teach works. I’m living the life I promise with Ticket To Freedom. And many of my clients are too. I can’t guarantee you results, no one can promise that. But if you take advantage of everything the course offers and you put it into practice step by step, big transformations will come your way. 
  • I'm terrible at marketing and tech, what if I just don't get it?
    You'd be amazed by how many times we've heard that, only to see that very same client totally nail it a few days later! Complete novices have been through this course and are bowled over by what they've managed to achieve. There are simple trainings and tutorials to take you step by step through any strategy and tech you need. It’s like looking over my shoulder as I show you exactly what to do. If you can follow simple instructions, you can do this. 
  • What if I want to get a refund? 
    We're sure you'll love Ticket To Freedom, but if you don't, we offer a 7 day money-back guarantee. If you can show us that you've watched the trainings and put them into action, and you still don't see the value in the course, we'll issue a hassle free refund. This applies whether you chose the pay in full option or the payment plan. This is only available after your first 7 days upon signing up. 
  • I'm just starting out, would this be right for me? 
    Yes, although it's better if your business foundations are set up first. Like knowing who you want to work with, the problem you solve, your messaging etc. If you're brand new, the Pet Biz Thrive Online Club is your best next step. Plus you get access to the Ticket To Freedom course as part of the Club program so you can access TTF at no extra cost! Click here to check out the Pet Biz Thrive Online Club
  • My business is already established. Can the Club still help me?
    Absolutely! If you already have a pet business but want to expand your income more passively and create more freedom in your life, this is for you. 
  • Why should I join today instead of waiting?
    Because now is your time. If you really want to grow a highly profitable pet business that you can scale without burning yourself out, then you need the right advice, knowledge and support to help you get there. If you really want to make a bigger impact in this world through passive income offers, the time is now. 
  • Is all of the content available straight away, or is it time-released?  
    You get access to the first module immediately when you sign up. After the first week, all 5 remaining modules will unlock instantly for you.  
  • How do I book my coaching session with Karly? 
    When you sign up you'll receive a welcome email. Within that email you'll receive a link where you can book in for your coaching session at a time that suits you. Simples! 

If there's anything you're unsure about, or anything that's unclear, do reach out to me at hello@karlyedwards.com and I'll help you out. 


If you're ready to finally start making money passively, step into more time freedom and live the lifestyle you want, choose your payment option below.


Instant access to the course and bonus coaching session.




All the benefits of the pay in full plan. Spread the cost over 3 months. Total amount repayable is £1098.


x 3 payments


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