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In this free, 3 day challenge you'll learn how to put yourself out there with confidence and get far better results from your social media efforts.

This challenge runs from May 21st - 23rd at 1pm UK time. Register below.

Hey awesome pet business owner!

You're a passionate and ethical pet professional who has a lot to offer. But you're fed up of seeing other pet businesses in your field outshine you on social media.

You're tired of sitting back while you watch everyone else hog the spotlight, and you're ready to unleash your greatness so you can start attracting and working with the people that desperately need the services you offer.

With just 20 minute tasks across 3 days, we'll leave behind those mind monkeys that are holding you back, raise your visibility, and get you making waves on social media.

This challenge starts on May 21st at 1PM UK time.


You missed out!

Here's what you'll get out of our time together in the Bootcamp:

  • Know what kind of content gets attention and encourages your perfect people to like, comment and share your posts on social media
  • Grow your confidence, squash those visibility fears and powerfully put your business in front of those dream customers. 
  • Form deeper connections with pet parents to build that know, like and trust factor. The perfect mixture to build a loyal fanbase for your business
  • Grow an engaged online community that can't wait to buy from you! 

Who is this challenge for:


Want to spread your positive reinforcement approach and impact more people? Let's get your message out there together!


Don't know what kind of content to share to encourage engagement and bookings? I'll show you!


Don't know how to stand out from other pet pros in your area? It's time you learned how to do that the easy way!

Love from previous attendees!

"This challenge is exactly what I needed right now. Really helpful! Great to have accountability and guidance. And the feedback too! Also good that it hasn’t taken lots of my time, as with many other challenges that’s where I can’t follow through with the whole thing. Thank you!"

- Sarah Roper, The Multi-Dog Maven

"I had the most engagement on all 3 posts, especially one in particular and I made my first sale to my silver program from this post so thank you so much."

- Laura Partridge, Ruskies Dog Training

"Really good - feel I can now post more confidently. Yesterdays post got lots of engagement and shares. Also posted it in a local group with lots of interaction."

- Carrie Stuthridge, Carrie's Canines and Friends

Really helped boost my confidence, given me the push I needed to get going and get me out of my comfort zone

- Karen Hobbs, Pawprints Dog Training

Even though this is a free learning experience, the value packed into this Bootcamp is off the scale. You're getting some of my unique approaches, coaching time and motivation that is usually only reserved for my paying clients!

So make this commitment to yourself right here and now that you'll prioritise showing up live to each session and action everything you learn.

I pinky promise it'll be worth your time! 

We start on May 21st at 1pm UK time. 

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Who is Karly Edwards?

Karly Edwards is the go-to Marketing & Productivity Coach for pet business owners that want to create more income, impact and freedom in their lives. 

She helps pet business owners drop the business overwhelm and the daily busyness, so they can make more money and reduce their workload by at least 50%.  

Her courses, memberships and programs have helped hundreds of pet business owners all over the world. She's renowned as a leading business coach in the pet industry.

She's animal loopy and dog mum to a sassy miniature schnauzer called Loki. She's also a craft loving, gardening passionate, super introvert whose built a successful business from the ground up.

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