There’s a reason I’ve been raving about Pinterest over the last couple of years.

Facebook is always the platform everyone thinks they need to be on. And it’s always seemed funny to me. When so many people struggle to gain any traction there without paying Zucks all the bucks!

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be there though. If you have a Facebook strategy and you’re generating sales, don’t kill what’s already working.

But if you have an online offer to sell, Pinterest is another platform you should consider.


What it’s achieved for my business

I’ve experienced first-hand its awesome traffic and sales boosting potential.

Back in 2018 when I started my dog blog, it was a ghost town. For months I got almost zero visitors a day.

Until I stumbled on Pinterest.

In less than a month my blog traffic went from less than 20 visitors a month, to over 6,000 a month!

Sadly I haven’t posted on my dog blog for a few months now. Many other business goals have taken priority.

But you know what, that blog now brings in over 16,000 visitors every month from Pinterest. And I’m spending zero time on it right now. It just happens!

That’s the difference between Pinterest and other social platforms like Facebook. Pinterest pins continue to drive traffic months and years after you posted them.

The potential for growing your business is insane. But many business owners often overlook this powerhouse.

But if you have an online course, offer online consultations, or sell pet products, this platform could be ideal for you.


What it’s achieved for my clients

Pinterest hasn’t just done amazing things for my business.

Over the years I’ve been in the trenches implementing this same strategy for my clients.

And the results blew me away each time. Because I knew it could be replicated. I knew I was onto something.

⭐️ One client tripled their traffic in the first couple of months.

⭐️ Another increased theirs by 67% in 3 months.

You’d be hard pressed to get those kinds of results without paying to play on any other social platform.

But the strategy I teach shows you how to leverage Pinterest to grow your business without blowing your budget on ads.

But not only that, it’s possible with spending just a couple of hours of your time each month.


Why Pinterest isn’t for everyone

Pinterest isn’t for every pet business. If your business relies on working with customers in person, unfortunately this strategy won’t work for you.

And here’s why…

With Pinterest, it can be very difficult to target people in a specific location.

So say you’re a dog trainer and work with people face-to-face in Cardiff. (Depending on lockdown restrictions of course!) You may not get enough people from that area seeing your pins.

You’ll likely get far more people from all over the country viewing your pins. Not helpful when you need customers that only live in your area.

Pinterest works like a visual search engine. To a degree, you can target location-based keywords like ‘dog trainer Cardiff’. And your pin may show up when people use those keywords to search on Pinterest.

But only a small number of people from your area may be using Pinterest to search for what you offer. Pinterest has millions of users, but it’s no Google search engine.

Which means you won’t get the same kind of results I promise for online businesses that have a much wider audience they can serve.

Trust me, I’ve tried it.

The traffic you get would either be minimal, or come from people all over the country/world. Which means that traffic won’t convert into sales.


Profits From Pinterest group program

I’ve been talking a lot about Pinterest over the last few months.

And expect to see more on the topic this year as I fully step into my zone of genius and support pet professionals in the best way I know how.

I’ll be doing this because it’s where my most powerful strategy lives. It’s what gets me wide eyed and talking like the Duracell bunny. Because it’s damn exciting!

And it’s why it’s forming a major part of my new group program that I’ll be launching in February 2021.

Where I pull together the core elements of my program, across blogging, Pinterest and email marketing.

Because that’s a powerful combination right there.

⭐️ With blogging as your value hub.

⭐️ Email marketing as your nurture container.

⭐️And Pinterest as the ultimate traffic driver.

All work together seamlessly to grow, nurture and convert your audience.

And I can’t wait to share the deets with you. Gives me goosebumps just talking about it!

Grow on Pinterest 3-day challenge

And if you’d love to learn more about how to leverage the awesome power of Pinterest, this February 8th I’m running a free 3-day Pinterest challenge, so you can learn how to generate consistent traffic and sales for your online offers with Pinterest.

I’m thrilled to be running this because it’s fully in my zone of genius!

Pinterest is my jam. And helping pet business owners grow their businesses online using my unique Pinterest strategy absolutely lights me up.

So if you’d like to get involved in the challenge and be one of the first people notified, head over here to secure your spot.

Why Pinterest should be in your marketing plan in 2021

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