We all have a backstory.

But that backstory doesn’t have to define who you are or where you’re headed.

We can write our own future, from the actions we take today, and the next day.

You have the power to write your own story.

Back when I was a tearaway teen I had no idea I’d be running my own business less than 10 years later.

But I haven’t always had things figured out. I was bullied pretty bad through primary and secondary school. Which is probably one of the reasons why I’ve always found it difficult to trust people.

To be honest I had a chip on my shoulder for years. I was an angry Aggie. Not just at my bullies, but my parents and the world. I moved out at 16, took a gap year, then studied Journalism at University.

I waited tables and pulled pints for a couple of years after, but I was determined not to throw my life or education away.

I finally landed a job as a marketing assistant, then a couple of years later I moved up in the world as a marketing executive. But I was stagnating. I felt seriously underappreciated and worth more than the more than modest salary I made.

It wasn’t until I started writing on the side for a local magazine did I discover my true path.

I quit my job with only two adhoc clients on my radar. What was I thinking!

I used my marketing know-how to find more clients and grew my business from scratch. I had pigheaded determination to make this crazy idea work.

And against all odds, somehow, I made it work.

I’ve been helping my clients turn their businesses around with winning marketing strategies for the last 7 years. And the last two years has been the most fulfilling of them all. I niched in the pet space to follow the one thing on this planet that truly lights me up –  pets and the people that love them!

Because you see, helping pet businesses grow their brands so they can make an impact in the world sparks complete and utter joy for me.

And now, life’s pretty damn good. I have a wonderful, supportive partner, a beautiful home and a loopy schnauzer I totally adore. But I couldn’t have done all this without the sheer determination and knowledge I’ve learnt along the way.

That back story of yours is what makes you, you.

But those stories we tell ourselves should never hold us back.

You can be whoever you want to be. Remember that.

What’s your backstory?

From High School Loner To Business Owner

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