Do you know how many websites and blogs there are in the world? There are billions! And do you know how many of those websites sound exactly the same? Like you could be reading the same blah blah words from the same boring mouth.

When we’re writing for our businesses, we have an annoying habit of sticking on the filter. We edit what we really want to say and end up churning out some robotic nonsense that has about as much personality as a cucumber sandwich.

But you know what, who really connects with a cucumber sandwich? No-one! Most of us would rather have a bacon double cheese burger with hot sauce, because in the food world that’s badass and has personality by the bucketload. And it’s just drool-down-my-face scrummy! (Unless you’re vegetarian or vegan of course!)


I always say this, but people do business with people.


If you let your personality shine through, you’ll attract more of the right people into your world. People will resonate with who you are as a person and they’ll be drawn to your brand.

That means writing blog posts from the heart and letting people see who you really are. So here’s my pro tip – write how you speak.

Include the quirky sayings you use to describe things. Unleash your humour or snarky streaks into the world. Heck, even sprinkle some of your effing and jeffing if that’s how you speak.

It’s all in the words you use – your blog should have a distinctive tone of voice. It should scream you when people start to read your blog posts. Not use the same, put-you-to-sleep language every other website uses.

No-one will relate to that!

But if you really struggle to get the essence of you onto paper, try using a voice dictation app. This is a nifty tool that will type your post as you speak. Google Docs has a dictation feature you can use for free.

You can let the words flow while your man Google does the heavy lifting for you. Then you can go in and edit out all those sneaky ‘ums’ and remove any unnecessary rambling.

If you’d like to learn how to make blogging work for your pet business, hit the chat button and let’s talk.


Stop blogging like a robot – let YOU shine!

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