For years I was convinced I could do everything myself in my business. I’d go with the free or cheapest options to manage the day-to-day running, and was reluctant to invest in anything.

And do you know what, I was stuck. For 5 years I stagnated, not reaching my goals because I spent too much time on things I should have paid someone else to do. Too scared to spend money on things that could have given my business the push it so desperately needed.

I was stubborn. I thought I knew best and was saving money, when I was actually wasting time on stuff that didn’t deliver results. If I’d changed my way of thinking and invested in people that knew a better way, or could do the time-consuming tasks for me, I have no doubt I’d have reached my goals a lot sooner.

Oh to go back and do it all again!

But sometimes it’s the simplest changes that can have the biggest impact. These changes could be as small as rewriting a headline on a blog post, putting your newsletter form higher up the page, or adding a video to your home page.

It may feel insignificant, or perhaps it hasn’t even crossed your mind, but it could make a mega difference to the success of your business.

We all need to embrace a little change sometimes. If it’s not working, we must try a different approach to put it right. Even if that means asking for help.

There are people out there with the necessary skills to drive your business forwards. Maybe they’re skills you just don’t have, or need to bring in to save you time.

It takes guts to step outside your comfort zone and take a risk. I get that. Head in the sand – that was me all over.


Example Case Study

But embracing change is a leap of faith a client of mine took, and boy are they glad they did!

My client runs an online pet store. Bringing in consistent traffic and sales was a constant struggle. The owner knew they should be writing blog posts and showing up on social media, but she didn’t have the time. There were so many other tasks within the business screaming out for her attention.

And so our beautiful relationship was born!

I wrote posts for the website every month, which boosted their organic traffic. They were so impressed after the first 6 months, I’ve now introduced them to the almighty power of Pinterest, to grow another equally impressive traffic source.

One small change to their Pinterest account took them from 1.2k monthly views to 35k monthly views.

And all I did was add a bunch of new awesome pins that linked to their latest blog posts.

Incredible stuff!

Pinterest’s organic reach is far beyond any other social media platform. Forget the pay to play trap of Facebook and Instagram. You have to pay advertising fees if you want to be seen these days. But Pinterest is different.

It’s why I suggest Pinterest to all my pet business clients. There is no other social platform that delivers these kind of organic results. Especially for pet businesses.

It was that one small change that means my client now has a new steady traffic source, that will only get better as we work on their strategy and add more content every month.

So, what one small change can you make today that will push you closer towards your goals?

Embracing change – Is your pet business stagnating?

2 thoughts on “Embracing change – Is your pet business stagnating?

  • 15/02/2019 at 13:36

    I know there are some things I need to change and I’ve gone them bit by bit but this might be the extra push I need!

    • 15/02/2019 at 13:45

      Glad this post is giving you that push Rachel! It can be so easy to get stuck. I’ve been terrible in the past for staying well within my comfort zone, but I’m making a change this year to push my boundaries, follow my intuition and say yes to more opportunities. You’ve got this lady!


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