Successful marketers don’t piss in the wind.

They have a specific goal, a strategy, belief in themselves, and they take consistent action.

As a marketing professional for the last 6 or so years, you could say I’ve learned a thing or two.

I also knock about in circles with a few marketing go-getters, and we all have a few things in common.

How we market our business is very similar. We adopt the same habits. These habits are tried and true. They serve our business and ensure we reach our goals. They make our lives easier so we’re not constantly chasing our tails.

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or frustrating. Not when you know what works.

Here are 7 marketing success habits you can start now.


Pin down your vision and goals

Get clear on your big vision. Not just for your business but your personal life. Where do you want to be a year from now, 3 years and 5 years from now?

Over 4 years ago my big vision was to buy my first home, but I had no idea how I was going to make that happen. We moved in almost 3 years ago, and now, life is bliss. My next vision – to build a big kitchen extension. I’m not there yet, but I know it’ll happen.

Keep hold of that vision – it will lift you up when you start to lose your way.

Pin down your goals too. Put a number on it. Do you have a specific revenue marker you want to hit this year?


Create a 90 day plan that aligns with your goals

Next you need to unearth the ‘how.’ Think about how you’re going to make those goals happen.

I plan my year in 90 day chunks to make my goals more focused and achievable. I set three main goals for the 90 days. Then I write down all the actions I need to take to achieve each goal.

This ensures that everything I’m doing during this period aligns with my big mission and main goal. We can get so distracted and taken off course by new shiny objects. Having a plan ensures we stay on track.


Schedule your plan into manageable chunks

Now you have an overall plan, you need to schedule the actions you’ll take into your calendar. Break it all down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks.

I like to use Trello to plan my schedule. I have a board I use for each week which is broken down into individual days. Each day has all the tasks I need to complete, and these are ticked off as I go along.

Choose whatever works for you. Just ensure you make time for all your marketing activities in your calendar so you actually stick to them.


Batch create content

Most marketing involves creating content. You can’t get away from it! Whether that’s writing blog posts, creating videos, writing social media posts etc. It’s all content!

But the overwhelm comes when you’re writing content on the fly. When there’s no system and you’re literally writing and publishing whenever you have time.

Just stop! Adopt the habit of batch creating content. Whether that’s writing all your blog posts at the beginning of the month, or writing your social media posts at the start of the week.

Get it all out of the way so you’re always ahead.


Automate what you can

Use tools to help you automate your publishing. Instead of being on social media every day, use an app like Buffer, Hootsuite or Smarterqueue so you can schedule your content in advance.

I like to schedule the following week’s worth of social media content every Thursday.

Of course, you should go in and respond to comments everyday. You want to be engaging and building relationships with potential customers. Scheduling your posts just takes the weight off.


Repurpose like a bitch

Make every piece of content work super hard for you. You don’t need to be constantly coming up with new content ideas. Each content piece can be turned into many different formats.

Turn your blog posts into an infographic or micro posts for social media. Turn a Facebook live into a podcast episode. Turn a social media post into an emailer.

Repurpose your content across formats and platforms to help you reach a wider audience.


Work on your mindset

You can have the strategy and the plan, but that all counts for nothing if you don’t have belief in yourself.

Without that core belief ‘I am good enough’, you will always manifest ways to sabotage your success. Whether at a conscious or subconscious level.

With any marketing activity, you need to stay high energy. If your energy is low, you can bet your behind your audience will sense that. It’ll come across in your writing or how you show up in video.

We need to constantly work on our mindset to ensure we have stability as we grow. I work on my mindset every day. A few of my favourite ways to do that is through meditation, journalling, EFT tapping, and just getting outside in nature.

Half the battle of marketing is showing up. You need to be consistent in order to see the results you want and reach your goals. Successful marketers know this and they have the belief in themselves to bring those dreams alive.

And you can too. These marketing success habits are yours to adopt. Over to you.

7 content marketing success habits you can start now

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