Even as a professional writer, sometimes the words don’t flow.

I can stare at a blank page for 20 minutes or more before an idea strikes. Seriously, it happens to the best of us!

Sound familiar?

At this point it can be tempting to call it a day. To close everything down and go and binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix.

But if you’re experiencing writer’s block, don’t wave the white flag just yet. Here are a few things you can do to get those synapses firing again.


Step away

Sometimes when you’re in that head space it can be difficult to get out. But by stepping away from your computer you can jump start your brain. You’ll start to see a new perspective.

Even 5 minutes can be enough. Go and make a cuppa, catch up with a friend, book a holiday… Get out of that stagnant space to help you see a way through.


Get outside

Writer’s block can be a mind-melt in more ways than one. So if you can feel that stress and frustration mounting, 5 minutes may not cut it.

In these situations, I like to get outside for fresh air for half an hour or so. I’ll take the dog for a walk or go and sit in the park to clear my head. Walking is a great way to clear that mental clutter.



Sometimes a change of scenery can do the trick. Ditch the office and take your laptop elsewhere. Go to your local coffee shop or work in the garden if it’s a nice day.

Even sitting in another room can get the cogs working. Our environments can determine how creative or productive we’re feeling. Mix it up so you know you’re getting the best out of yourself.


Browse online

If you’re really stuck for ideas (perhaps you can’t think of your next blog post topic or you can’t find the words for your about page), search online for inspiration.

The web is a jungle of information just waiting to be tapped into. Browse a handful of related blogs to help you create your blog post ideas. But no copying! Use other people’s work as inspiration for your own ideas. Could you add a new twist or perspective on a hot topic?


Do what you love

But if the cogs still refuse to whir, it may be time to put the pen down for the day. Take some time to do the things that make you happy. Spend time with the family, practice your favourite hobby, or binge watch your favourite Netflix show if that’s what you enjoy.

Happiness breeds creativity. Go back to your content project with a positive frame of mind, and you’ll wonder what all that brain fog was about.

How do you deal with writer’s block? Let me know in the comments below…

5 ways to deal with writer’s block

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