We all know we need to be active on social media.

Sharing content builds confidence with your audience. Plus, it helps generate leads and sales.

But when there are so many other tasks battling for your time, it can be tough.

Serving clients (no matter how much we love them!) can become all-consuming.

Social media very quickly takes a back seat.

But you can make it easier on yourself when you have a list of content ideas ready to go.

So you can pick and choose when you need them.

Here are 21 post ideas you can use for your social channels to keep that engagement flowing.

This post is inspired by the social media content prompts calendar that members get access to inside the Pet Biz Thrive Online Club. The monthly membership Club for pet business owners that want the knowledge and support to grow their audience, customer base and bank balance.

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Your backstory

Share how you got where you are today. Give your audience a deeper insight into who you are and where you started. Everyone loves a success story. It also helps your audience relate to you, giving them a deeper insight into the person behind the business.


A useful tip

Share a top tip to provide value to your audience. Think about the big problems and challenges your audience currently faces, and the solutions you offer that can help them. Then share a tip to give your audience a quick win they can implement.


Promote a service you offer

When you’re creating those value-driven posts, be sure to occasionally invite people to work with you too. Talk about the offer you provide and share the benefits of that product or service. Then include a call to action so they can get in touch with you.


Behind the scenes

Bring your personality into the light. Let your audience see who you really are by sharing your own pets, your work space or an event you attended. This helps your followers see the people behind the business so you can form those deeper connections.


Funny pet memes

You should weave entertaining posts throughout your social media content, and that’s exactly what pet memes are. They serve to brighten your followers’ day and strengthen the bond between audience and brand.

You can create your own on Canva with your own images, or grab them from a website like Sizzle.


A funny story

Share a funny story from your day. This is another type of entertaining post to help bring you closer to your audience. Think about an experience you’ve had that will give your audience a real laugh out loud moment.


Talk about your audience’s problems

Show you understand the problems and challenges your audience faces on a daily basis. Talk about those problems in detail to build that bridge and open up a dialogue with your fans.


Client pet pics

If you work with other people’s pets, share pictures of you in action and talk about what’s happening in the photo. This shows others what they can expect when they work with you. But that’s not the only reason… Your current customers will love seeing their pets feature on your page! And they may share your post with their own audience giving you exposure to more potential customers.


A great pet quote

Create a great pet quote image to make your audience feel the warm and fuzzies inside. Either make them up yourself, or source them online. Here’s a great collection from Shutterfly to give you a head start.


A strong opinion

Is there something you feel particularly strongly about in your industry? Don’t be afraid to get your opinions out there. You may polarise the crowd, but the people that have the same values will be drawn closer to you.


Case study

Share how you’ve helped a previous client with their problems. This helps your potential customers visualise the kind of results they might expect when working with you. Include the initial problem your client had, how you helped solve that problem and where they are now.


Ask a question

Asking your followers questions is a great way to encourage engagement. Ask them anything about themselves or their pets. For example, ‘How many walks does your dog have a day?’ or ‘What kind of food does your dog eat?’

Your latest blog post

Sharing blog posts is a great way to offer real value and drive people back to your website. Blog posts help your audience see you as the expert in your field. It’s also a great opportunity to convert readers into leads and sales on the spot.


A short video

If you’re out with your client’s pets all day, share a short video to give people a behind the scenes view of your business. If you’re a dog walker for example, share a clip of your favourite walking spot, or the dogs frolicking around the fields.


Link to your lead magnet

Every business should actively try to grow their email list on a monthly basis. And a lead magnet helps you do that. Your email list is one of your biggest assets as a business owner because it’s yours. If a social platform were to shut down tomorrow, all of your fans would go with it.

Create a free valuable piece of content that you can offer in exchange for your audience’s email address. Share the benefits of the lead magnet in the post and link to the landing page so they can sign up.


Your take on industry current events

Think about what’s happening in your industry right now. Look online for inspiration on a specific topic you can talk about. Share the story and add your own views to give people an insight into your values and beliefs.


National pet holidays

There are many national pet holidays to celebrate and raise awareness for the animals on our planet. Here’s a great list of the national pet holidays around the world. Share your thoughts around the holiday and invite your followers to share a photo or leave a comment.


How you help solve a specific problem

In another post suggestion we touched upon talking about your audience’s problems. In this post, share how you help solve a specific problem. Share what that looks like in detail so your audience can see how you work and how you can help them.


Create a poll

You can create polls on your Facebook page and Twitter in seconds. They tend to get lots of interaction because they’re easy for your audience to simply click an option. They’re also a great way to gain insights about who your ideal customers are.


Client testimonial

Has a client raved about you and how you helped them? Share that testimonial on your social channels. This helps reinforce your credibility and shows others they can have confidence in the service you provide.


Inspiring story about you

People love those zero to hero stories. They help you relate to your followers and reveal the real you. Think about a story you can share that will inspire others. Is there anything that you’ve overcome in life? Anything that you struggled with and came out the other side?


I hope these social media post ideas gave you lots of inspiration. If you found these useful, sign up for your free masterclass on how to create your winning Facebook marketing strategy below.


21 things to share on social media when you’re stuck for ideas

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