Content underpins every marketing activity.

So whether you’re selling to your email list, social media followers or growing a blog, you need to create content, right? Because content is what draws your ideal customers to you. Content is what helps you build those relationships and sell more of your stuff.

Being active on social media, engaging your email list and creating awesome blog content is what it takes to grow a sustainable business. It’s what it takes to reach the hearts and minds of the people who need what you offer.

But creating content is where people often fall down. They try to share fresh ideas for each platform, which means they spend the best part of the month in creation mode.

But what if I told you there was a better way? What if I said you can have your content done and dusted for the entire month in less than 2 days…

That’s content sorted for:

  • 4 blog posts a month
  • 1 email a week
  • 1 social media post every day

A whole day or so out of your month devoted to marketing may seem like a lot. But think about it. If you added up all the time you already spend posting to social media, scrolling your feed and thinking about what to say, that day or so is nothing in comparison.

It’s all about getting focused and becoming strategic with your content creation. So it doesn’t eat into your day, every day. With a system you really can set it and forget it for the rest of the month.

Now how much easier does that sound?


Create your lead content

This strategy all starts with your lead content. This is the content hub that all your emails and social copy will be drawn from. And in this case, it’s your blog posts.

Start thinking about the kind of content you’ll create. What could you write about that will help your readers solve a specific problem?

Then think about how this relates to the products or services you offer. Which offer do you want to promote that month and can you link a common theme across your blog posts?

So for example, if you’re a dog trainer, you could do a series around teaching specific obedience training. Each blog post could show your readers how to teach stay, leave it, off and recall.

Then set aside time to write your four posts. Schedule time into your day at the end of each month. Ensure you have no distractions. Create an environment for yourself where you can bring that creativity to life. Light some scented candles, put music on in the background. Do whatever helps you get into that zone.

To make your blog post writing faster and easier, check out how to structure a simple blog post.


Create your emailers

Now it’s time to make people aware of the awesome content you’ve just created. And your email list is the best place to start. And if you’re thinking: ‘But Karly, I don’t have an email list!’, now is the time to start, my friend.

Use a lead magnet to start attracting people onto your email list. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a lead magnet, head over here to explore 7 lead magnet ideas to grow a five figure email list.

To nurture your subscribers effectively, you want to send at least one email a week to your email list. And this is all taken from the blog content you’ve created. So no thinking up fresh ideas – you’ve already done the hard part!

There are a couple of ways you can approach your email marketing. You can simply copy and paste the entire blog post into each new email. Or you can take the first couple of paragraphs and link to the blog post with: ‘head over to the blog to read more’.

Use an email system like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, or Convertkit to bulk schedule the emails for each week.


Create your social media content

Next, we want to use your blog posts to create social media content for the next 30 days. Within each blog post, pull out 5 prominent tips that can be used as standalone posts for social media. Again, this is an easy peasy copy and paste job.

Then within each post, be sure to include a call to action. Try to mix this up so you’re not always doing the same thing. You could link directly back to the original blog post, add a link to a related lead magnet, ask a question or ask people to get in touch about a particular service.

Then to make your social media marketing almost completely hands off, use a tool to schedule that month’s content. I like to use Smarterqueue, but Buffer and Hootsuite will get the job done too.


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Plan a month’s worth of killer content without losing your mind


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