It’s tough when you’re not getting the clients you need. When the income dries up, the panic and overwhelm quickly sets in. You can spend your time flitting from one tactic to the next, hoping something works.

But what if I told you there are a few simple things you can do today to get the bookings flowing again… With just a few quick tasks today, you could be inviting new clients into your classes or programmes just by using smart tactics and leveraging the power of social media.

Here are 10 things you can do to boost your sales on social media.


Share this winning post

When business is slow and you need a quick sales boost, get super obvious with your messaging. Tell your followers exactly how you can help them and how they should get in touch.

Encourage your audience to take immediate action by sharing this post once a month: I’m looking for xx people who want to achieve xxx. If that’s you, drop me a comment or DM me, I have something exciting to share. Then be sure to follow up with every person with more information and a link to book in.


Don’t forget CTAs

When you need more clients, don’t forget to ask for the sale. Never assume people know what you want them to do next. You need to hold them by the hand and show them. That means getting comfortable including call to actions within your social posts.

The post doesn’t always have to be a promotional post in itself. You could start by talking about the challenges they’re facing with their dog, and offer top tips to help them. Then you could sign off by saying: ‘If you really want to turn things around for you and your dog, click here to book your free discovery call.’

You could also end the post by asking them to sign up to a lead magnet, provide a link to your services page, or to DM you. In around 70% of your social posts, be sure to tell your follower how they can take that next step with you.


Share exactly what you do

You may attract new followers every month. And sometimes spelling out exactly what you do can pull new potential clients out of the woodwork.

Once a month, reintroduce yourself and share who you are, what you do and how people can work with you right now. Then be sure to include your CTA to invite people to take the next step with you. Post your introduction post everywhere. On your Facebook page and group (if you have one), Instagram profile, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Follow up with every comment

Leave no comment unanswered. Follow up with all comments on your posts within 24 hours. Ideally quicker than that! It shows you care. Having conversations with your fans are how relationships are built. So don’t just like their comment and leave it there. Get the conversation flowing. Be friendly, curious and talk about them. And if the chat goes that way, share how you can help them.

Follow up with DMs

Previous DMs with potential clients are low hanging fruit. They’ve already shown an interest in your services in the past, and a little nudge may be all they need to seal the deal.

So check your DMs regularly and follow up with everyone who’s inquired about working with you before. Say you’re just hopping in their inbox for a quick chat or check in. Ask them how they’re getting on and share how you might be able to help.


Optimise your social bios

Your social bios are prime real estate for encouraging that next step. Be concise in sharing who you are and what you do, then share the link to your services page, your contact page, or your Calendly link to book a discovery call.


Optimise your social cover photos

Your social covers are brilliant advertising space too. Be sure to put it to good use. Create a standout graphic that tells people what to do next or how they can contact you. This could be promoting your lead magnet, your most popular offer or to book a call.

In your design, have a ‘button’ that says ‘click to download’ or ‘click to book a call’. Then within the description of your cover image, include more information and the link.


Post a personal welcome message

This is an opportunity to start a friendly conversation with every new follower, but also reinforce the ways that people can work with you too. So for every new follower you get on any profile, post a personal welcome message.

You often see this a lot in Facebook groups, but you can also do this for your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Then in that post share an overview of your bio, and include the ways they can work with you.


Run a 24 hour flash sale

This is a great way to get people off the fence and bring new clients in fast. Open up 5 slots to your audience for half price or a percentage off for the next 24 hours.

Then share the post across all your social media platforms. Be sure to run these sparingly though (Once a year or once every few months) or your audience may just hold out for your discounts.


Host a live event

A great way to not only boost sales but grow your audience too, is to host a live event. The main goal is to promote your latest offer, but focus on providing value with key takeaways for your audience first.

Then when you wrap up the live video, talk about how they can take the next step with you and include the link to book in. Schedule the event to run in a couple of weeks, then promote that event daily in the lead up.

Over to you… Which sales tactic will you use today to boost your bookings?

10 ways to boost sales for your dog training business on social media


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