Your Facebook page is yet another shop window for your pet business online.

And as one of the most popular social media platforms, you need to make it count.

But you might be missing opportunities that can put your page at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, I see it all the time.

But there are a few easy tweaks you can make to better represent the overall image of your business. AND ensure you bring more pet parents through your doors.

Here are 5 mistakes pet professionals make on their Facebook page, and how you can rectify them.


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1. Not adding a pinned welcome post

When a potential customer lands on your Facebook page, you need to curate the content they see first.

By having a pinned welcome post, you can ensure that every new visitor gets an overview of exactly who you are and how you can help them. As well as access to important links you want them to know about.

That’s far more effective than them simply seeing your latest post. As that post may not share anything about you or what you provide.

Funny dog images and pet quotes are great and all, but you need to get your message across quickly.

And you need to give them a way to come onto your email list so you can nurture a relationship with them.

Here’s what you need to include in your welcome post:

  • Paint the picture by showing you understand where your visitor is at right now
  • Share who you are and how you help pet parents
  • Include the benefits they’ll get by following your page
  • Share details of a lead magnet/freebie they can download to bring them onto your email list
  • A link to grab that download
  • A picture of you

Then pin that post to the top of your page.

Here’s an example of my own welcome post.


2. Not using a custom cover photo

Your cover photo is prime real estate to start bringing people deeper into your world.

Avoid using a generic image of you or your business details. Again, use the space to entice people onto your email list.

  • Create a graphic in Canva and share the details of your lead magnet.
  • Add a feature that looks like a button that says ‘Click to download’.
  • Then in the description of your cover photo, include the details of your lead magnet and the link where they can sign up.

The link could direct people to a simple landing page with a form on your website.

Here’s an example of my own cover photo.


3. Not completing your about section

Completing your ‘About’ section is an important step in the set up of your business page.

You need to ensure it sends the right message and includes those important details your potential customers need to know about you.

Here’s what you need to include:

  • A short mission statement that sums up who you are, who you serve and how you help them.
  • You guessed it, use the space to promote your lead magnet again!
  • A link to your website so people can learn more about your products or services.
  • Your email address and phone number so people can get in touch.
  • Your opening hours
  • Your location
  • The categories that best represent your page
  • Success stories and client testimonials
  • Links to your other social platforms so people can follow you elsewhere.

Here’s an example of my own about section.


4. Not customising your tabs

Facebook pages come with a few tabs as standard. But you can customise your tabs to flaunt what your business offers.

For example, the ‘shop’ or ‘services’ tab can be used to help you shout about your products or services.

Here you can include a nice image, the price, and you’ll also get a direct link back to your website so people can buy now.

These are excellent tabs to leverage to help you showcase everything you’re selling in your business.

There are also tabs to display:

  • Your Facebook group if you have one
  • Reviews to add social proof to your page
  • An all-in-one place for all your live videos
  • Events tab to display any upcoming online or offline events you’re hosting
  • An offers tab for any discounts you have available
  • Jobs for any job openings you have in your business

Tabs can be used to support your business goals. So spend a little time adding and customising the best tabs for your page.


5. No strategy

Perhaps the biggest mistake I see pet professionals make, is having no strategy.

Your content should never be an afterthought where you post on the fly. You need a plan if you want to get results.

You need to show up consistently, as in every single day. And every piece of content you create should have intention and align with your overall marketing goals.

Your branding should be consistent too.

Your content tone of voice and graphics should have the same look and feel. So no matter where your fans connect with you online, they know without question it’s from you.


The good thing is, you can easily put these mistakes right in less than a couple of hours. So spend a little time reviewing your Facebook page.

What mistakes can you see?

5 top mistakes pet professionals make on their Facebook business page

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