You can launch a business without:

A big fancy website

The perfect logo

Tantalising graphics

Being a computer wizard

But you won’t get very far unless you have these 4 business basics ingrained in your soul.

You need to be as familiar with these as you are with your favourite pair of pants.

Because without them, you’ll end up flailing around like a puppy taking it’s very first bath. Adorable, but not exactly the picture of composure!

Not having these locked in means nobody listens to you, nobody cares to comment on your posts, and worst of all, no customers come knocking at your door.

They’re the foundation that your entire business stands on. And they’re the key to unlocking swathes of adoring fans and a lifetime of sales.


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Your vision and your goals

Most pet professionals have a vague idea of why they started their business.

They want more freedom.

More time with their family and their own pets.

To make a difference.

To be their own boss.

To have more control.

That’s great, but it’s indistinct.

It’s a throwaway, wishy washy statement that doesn’t paint the bigger picture of what you really want in your life, or what you really want to achieve.

We need to get way more granular and ask ourselves some important questions.

Like, exactly what you want your personal and business life to look like in 3, 5 and 10 years’ time.

Personal – Where will you be living? What does your home look like? What do you do on the weekend? Who do you spend your time with?

Business – How much money do you make? How do you make that money? When and where do you work? Do you have a team?

You need to get crystal clear on what you want. Because with hazy visions and goals, you’ll get hazy results in return.


Your perfect people

Do you have a bottomless understanding of who your perfect customers are?

You may have done some surface level research when you first started your business. Superficial demographics like age, gender, income level and marital status will only get you so far.

But do you understand your customer on a deep emotional level?

Because that’s what you need to draw your perfect people to you.

We need to understand exactly how they think and feel.

Like, what brings a smile to their face…

What challenges they face…

What keeps them up at night…

What their big pain points are…

Why they feel happiness, sadness, confusion, anger or guilt…

If you don’t understand the true struggles, emotions and motivators of your people, they’ll find someone else who does.



Your positioning

How you position yourself and how people perceive you is vital to help set you apart from the next Jane Bloggs in your field.

It’s not just how people see you as a person, but how people think of you as an expert.

You need to arrive at a place where you’re the first and only person that comes to mind when people think about your area of expertise.

It’s about owning your uniqueness and staying away from the middle ground.

Never try to be all things to all people.

Choose one thing to be known for, and own it.


Your messaging

All of this is worthless unless you can effectively communicate with your people.

In every social media post, every blog post, every video or podcast, your ideal customer needs to feel, to their very core, that you’re speaking directly to them.

You get them, intrinsically. And they get you.

You do that by sharing those values and stand points that ride the same wave as your ideal customer.

By sharing the stories about your life that your people can see themselves in.

By creating and sharing offers that promise and prove to solve their biggest pain points.

By sharing commonalities and speaking in their language.

By showing them you’re the likeable expert they’ve been waiting for.


These 4 business basics are essential to your success. Ignore them at your own peril!

I want to congratulate you for making it to the end of this post! That shows me you’re committed to making a difference in your life and business.

If you’d rather not take a gamble on getting these business basics right by going it alone, you’re just 30 seconds away from getting all the advice and support you need to build a pet business that magnetizes pet parents to you.

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Ignore these 4 business basics at your own peril

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