Let’s be real for a second. Writing isn’t everyone’s bag. For some it comes naturally. But for others, pulling words from their noodle is like torture.

The magic doesn’t flow for everyone which can make blogging a hard slog. But the fact is, writing killer content consistently is a great way to get into the hearts of your customers.

It shows pet parents you understand their problems and have the solutions to solve them. It shows you’re the expert in your field, and it helps you build credibility with your audience.

But not only that, it’s a great way to shine a light on your brand and drive people back to your website.

People love to consume content when it will benefit them in some way. Making your customer’s lives easier with valuable tips they can use to make their lives better is what it’s all about. This is what helps you build relationships and drive sales.

But let’s get back on topic!

So whilst most of us understand why we should be blogging, that doesn’t help those of you who struggle to get into the blogging zone and write consistently for your brand.

So that’s why I’ve spoken to some amazing pet business owners who were kind enough to share their own blogging tips with us. Below they’ll share the methods, tricks and tools they use to make blogging easy.

I hope this will inspire you to release the struggle and bring your blogging A game!


Blogging tools

“Google Drive is my best friend. I have a HUGE spreadsheet that’s colour coded. I plan content for my Facebook and Instagram pages, and then I create a blog sheet with all the different types of content, like brand warmth, tips, guides, pet welfare, sales, products, specials, competitions etc. They’re all planned out with dates they’re going, or have gone live.

I find it hard enough to focus at the best of times, but I usually try to write four posts at a time. That sounds like a lot but that’s a month’s worth of blogging. If I’m feeling particularly focused, I’ll push on and do more. But usually four at a time is my limit!

Behind the scenes I’m about three months ahead, so I have a lot planned in advance.”

Tips from Niki Younie. You can find out more about her pet photography business here.


Write about what you know

“Be authentic. Tell stories or talk about things that you’re either passionate about or are in the process of becoming passionate about. If that means being personal about stuff, then I think that goes a long way.

Don’t just write opinions to have yours heard. Write an opinion piece and then directly ask people what they think, whether they agree or disagree. I wrote an article on if ‘sit’ was important and it got so much attention and promoted so much discussion. It made me super happy because engagement is all about making people feel involved, and people certainly felt involved in the topic at hand!”

Tips from Jack Fenton. You can find out more about his dog training business here.


Repurpose and reuse

“I separate my content into themes to use on my Facebook page, in blogs and Facebook groups. I then adapt them as needed. So for example, I’ll look at my Halloween posts from last year and see how I can improve. Seasonal content is easier to reuse.

I also post on my Facebook page which has good engagement and re-use. I’ll create a post, turn it into a blog post on my website and then use the same content in my book.”

Tips from Helen Motteram. You can find out more about the Pet Professional Network here.


Start small and batch create

“Batch creating blog posts is my favourite way to approach blogging. You can really get into the swing of things and get the ideas flowing. But to make it less daunting, the best place to start is writing down your topic ideas for the month. That can be just one a week, so four blog posts for the entire month.

Trying to dive head first into a blog post can be overwhelming. So start small. Set aside just 20 minutes to think about what your title will be. Then add your basic structure with four or five main points to expand on that topic. Just aim to get this step done and you might find you’re already in the zone. The ideas just start popping out and the words fall onto the page.

Set aside a day to write and you’re done! You don’t need to think about creating content for the other 29 days of the month.”

Tips from me – Karly Edwards. You don’t really need me to drop a link because you’re already here! But if you’d like to know more about what I do, check out my membership club or work with me pages.


To get into the zone you also need a plan! A plan to hold you accountable and helps you focus on the work that needs doing. So you can show up where your customers are and start making real connections.

And for that, you can grab my free content calendar, to help you map out your blogging activities without spiralling into meltdown. It’s my gift to you, so click the link to grab your freebie.

Getting yourself into the blogging zone

4 thoughts on “Getting yourself into the blogging zone

  • 04/03/2019 at 15:00

    I like the idea to repurpose and reuse! I had been toying with the idea but wasn’t too sure about it until now!

    • 04/03/2019 at 17:07

      Yes Rachel, do it! Makes life so much easier. And remember not everyone will see your content everywhere, so it’s ok to use the same things in different places. So glad this post has helped you make that decision!

  • 08/03/2019 at 11:31

    Thanks Karly! Blogging can be really daunting but I think the thing that’s helped me most is allowing the ideas to flow when they do. If that means I’ve planned the next 20 titles then great, it means when I sit down and suddenly have a mind blank about what on earth in going to do, I’ve got a list of ideas already ready to go!

    • 08/03/2019 at 12:16

      Yes, this! It’s always handy to have a notepad around for when those good ideas spark too.


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