We live in a world where we want everything yesterday. Our expectations are through the roof!

You order something from Amazon, you expect next day or even same day delivery. Ordering pizza? Well it had better be delivered in 20 minutes or you’ll be on the phone to see what’s the hold up. Am I right?

We’ve been spoilt. We want instant gratitude and instant results. But in my line of work you need a little patience and trust in the process. The saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, sparks to mind.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. If you’ve just started taking your blogging and social media strategy seriously, give it time before you throw your hands up and say “this is rubbish, it’s not working!”


If you deliver consistent value to your ideal audience and promote your content in the right places, they will come.


When I first start working with pet businesses on their content strategy, I set realistic expectations from the start. When we create content and promote it through Pinterest, we can expect to see a traffic increase within the first month. Which will only continue to grow over time.

We’ll also optimise each post for the search engines, but it’s unlikely they’ll see any real changes to their rankings within the first 6 months. It’s just how Google works – it takes the algorithm time to work out if the content is credible and relevant enough to share with their users.

Which is why I tell people to look at content marketing like an investment. It’s a long-term investment in your business, to grow your brand and realise bigger and better returns months and years down the line.

Quick tactics like Facebook ads may deliver a few quick wins, but where’s the consistency? You have to keep paying every time someone clicks on your ad, and when you turn the ad off, the traffic and sales dry up.

You then have no other way to delight more pet parents and bring them into your world.

When you provide consistent value to your audience, through blog posts and social media posts, you create an active community around your brand. You create a brand bubble of people that look forward to your posts and become loyal to your business.

That’s what content marketing can do, and that’s what I want for your business.

And if you’re ready to say goodbye to inconsistency and start growing your traffic and sales like clockwork, I’d love to invite you into my free Facebook group.

This is an opportunity to join a gorgeous community of pet professionals, and get the marketing advice and support you need. How does that sound?

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Content marketing and keeping expectations in check

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