It’s not always easy to find inspiration for blog posts.

We can often get stuck writing the same types of posts too.

And yep, there are lots of different types!

It’s always a good idea to bring some variety to your blog posts. It keeps things fresh and helps your audience discover a more well-rounded view of your brand. Plus, it helps you turn a single topic idea into a brand new blog post type too. But more on that later.

Here are seven stand-out content types to help you diversify your blogging.

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Nothing says credibility more than an interview with a pet industry expert.

Experts can add a lot of weight behind the points you claim in your posts.

For example, say you’re a dog behaviourist and you’re writing about the effects of separation anxiety in dogs, this is a great opportunity to interview a veterinarian to get their expert thoughts on the topic.

Interviews can help you up-level your own authority in the industry.

The advice will be entirely unique and original, and not seen anywhere else. Which may also give you a few brownie points from Google. The search engines love unique ideas and fresh content, and will reward you with better rankings!


Case studies

Your blog is also a great place to share your past successes in the form of case studies.

This is one of the best ways to show potential clients that you know your stuff. That the claims you’re making on your website are backed up by real results.

So don’t be afraid to shout about your successes.

Take the reader on a journey.

Share details of the problem your client had with their pet, talk about the solution you provided and the transformation you achieved for them.


Opinion pieces

In a world with so much competition, your thoughts really do matter.

Too many people shy away from sharing what they really think in fear of rocking the boat.

They’re scared of the negative visibility that might create for them. But your opinions are what make you stand out. It’s how you draw the right people to you.

So think about what you stand for and what you stand against. What are your thoughts on your field in the industry?

Don’t be afraid to get them out there!



Listicles are one of the best types of posts you can create for your blog because they’re always popular with readers.

You essentially break down your ideas into a list format, with ‘X number of ways to achieve XYZ’, for example.

These types of posts work well because they’re easy for your reader to digest the points quickly.

Listicles are hyper-specific, and your reader can instantly see what that post is about and what they’ll learn by reading your post.


How to posts

How to posts are one of the most popular types of content for blogs.

They teach the reader how to achieve a specific outcome.

These posts usually share a lot of value and help the reader get from A to B.

So think about what you teach on a daily basis, and how you could turn that into a post. Or consider writing about a topic that’s closely related to your field. Then turn that into actionable steps the reader can take to get the results they crave.


Entertaining posts

Blogs don’t always have to be strictly business.

You can have fun with your posts to entertain your audience too.

This could be something as simple as a funny story from a day at work. If you work with dogs all day, you could create a delightful montage of all the pets you looked after in the day, with a funny story or quirk about each.

This is a great opportunity to have a play around and delight your audience too.


A news spin

If something profound happened in the news recently, share your own spin on it.

Share your own thoughts about how that news affects your business, and what you’re doing to support or adapt to it.

This gives your audience a greater insight into you and your brand. But not only that, it shows you’re active, you keep up with current affairs, and you care about what happens to your business and your customers.


Personal posts

People love to see the personal side of businesses.

As the old saying goes, people do business with people. By sharing more about you, it helps you form deeper connections with your audience.

Share the story about why and how you came to be, what inspires you, your values, take them behind the scenes.

Anything that will give your audience a window into your world.


Spinning one topic idea into multiple posts

To make creating content for your blog easier and give you heaps of content ideas, think about how you can spin each blog topic into multiple post types.

For example, say you want to create an article on ‘How to stop your dog from chewing your furniture.’ You could then spin that idea into a listicle with ‘5 long-lasting dog chews to save your furniture.’ Then you could take that further with a case study on how you helped your customer’s dog stop their excessive chewing.

Now you have three different blog posts from that one idea!


To keep your blog fresh and exciting, you need to offer variety. And starting with these seven content types is a great way to do that. Now the only question is, which one will you choose for your next post?


7 stand-out content types you should share to your blog

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