We all want to be the go-to person in our field, right? We all want to be that number one choice for our customers.

But how do you stand out when there are so many others fighting for your customer’s attention?

Well, one of the most effective ways is through blogging.

Blogging instantly boosts your credibility. It shows you’re the expert in your field, and it helps you widen your scope for a bigger, more engaged audience. And the best part, these new readers are all people who will potentially buy from you.

But there’s more to blogging than meets the eye. And to really grow a successful blog that works for you and your business, it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines.


Providing real value

Many people feel reluctant to give away their best kept secrets. I mean, if you’re giving that information away for free, nobody’s going to actually buy your product or service, right?

But that’s simply not true. Because there will always be people that don’t have the time to implement it, or don’t have the confidence to go it alone.

By sharing your expertise, you can give them that reassurance and the nudge they need to take the leap to work with you.

That means showing you understand the challenges your reader is facing, and providing actionable tips they can implement to get those quick wins they’re after.

Every piece of content you create should tackle those big problems. They should offer tangible results.

Because by providing real value to your audience you’ll set yourself apart. It creates that trust factor. And if they subscribe to your blog and become a loyal reader, you cover the two other important pieces of the puzzle too – the know and like factors.

It helps you go deeper with your audience. And since not every other business is going below surface level, you’ve automatically got the edge.


Being consistent

Now you know offering real value is key, the next important step is consistency. You need to show up regularly with great content if you want to build a fanbase. Because consistency breeds loyalty.

Far too many business owners fail with blogging and think it doesn’t work because they don’t stick with it long enough. Maybe they’ll write a few posts for a couple of months, maybe share it to their social channels once or twice, but then crickets.

Nobody’s clicking, nobody’s commenting or sharing and you start asking yourself: ‘what’s the point?’

But this is when you need to dig deep and unleash your inner bull. Be stubborn, be persistent and do it anyway. Because slowly but surely, you’ll start to see the payoff.

Once a week is a good frequency for posting to your blog, but if you can only manage twice a month, or even once a month, that’s ok. The most important thing is that you keep going and your audience knows when they can expect to hear from you.

Not every business is being consistent with their blog content, so you have a great opportunity to do things differently. To build your community and nurture those in your circle.



There’s little point in creating great content if you’re not going to put in front of your ideal customers. Many businesses forget this step, or don’t have a solid promotion strategy in place.

They write the content, hit publish and wait for the readers to roll in. If this is your strategy, you’re going to be disappointed my friend. Because you need to actively drive people back to your posts if you want to create a real impact with your blogging.

That means sharing your blog posts across all your social media channels. And not just once either. To get the most out of each piece of content, you should reshare each one every couple of months or so. And as a bonus, you should also share each blog post to your email list to drive people back to your blog.

That may sound like a lot of work. But you can make the process easier by using a social media scheduler. Use a tool like Smarterqueue. This allows you to make your posts evergreen so your posts are automatically reshared every week.

Not every business actively promotes their blog posts. So by getting your posts out there every week, you’ll boost your visibility and have more opportunities to show people how you can help them.

By following these best practices you’ll soon realise what an effective marketing strategy blogging can really for your business. So now it’s over to you. Share your key takeaways from this post in the comments below and let me know what actions you’ll be applying to your own blog this week….

3 simple blogging best practices to help you stand out from the noise


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